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Strategy and

  • Digital Strategy

  • Digital Maturity Model

  • Integration and Automation Strategy

  • Integration and Automation Maturity Model

  • Integration and Automation Engagement Roadmap

  • Creating and implementing an Integration and Automation Platform Team

  • Defining appropriate guardrails to enable the safe roll out of technology democratisation

  • Defining integration and automation architectures and associated patterns for easy adoption

  • Agreed metrics to help you measure your progress

Process Identification and Optimisation

  • Value stream mapping to identify quick wins

  • Prioritised backlog of integrations and automations, prioritised on value, cost and complexity

  • Process mining to improve visibility and understanding of the actual performance of business operations and processes

  • Redesigning processes based on the ‘art of the possible’

  • Utilising multiple technology solutions to build end-to-end process solutions

Technology and Development

  • Al driven process discovery

  • Programmable automation: API management, Integration Platform as a Service, API led automation

  • Domain-specific ML products

  • Conversational AI

  • Delivering Integrations

  • Document Automation

  • Low code/No code development platforms

  • Automated testing

  • RPA

  • Digital Twin

  • Building Workato connectors

  • Building Workato recipes

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